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Depression : It's not an adjective | Mental Health

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

" Why do you look so depressed?". This is one question that triggers me immensely. I can't even express how I feel when I hear someone ask this. How does this person know what depression 'LOOKS' like? This is such a myth, everyone thinks that just because a person looks dejected he/ she/ they are depressed. It's so ridiculous that when you google synonyms of sad, one of them is actually depressed!

It feels like people are just trying to disregard or discount what people with depression actually go through. They use it so casually, that I don't think they realize how dense or ignorant they sound. It's like telling you broke your whole hand just because it hurts a little at the wrist. I feel uncomfortable about how people feel entitled to have an opinion about everything. People are actually diagnosed and have to take medication. People out here make them feel overlooked and completely dismissed. At one point they start doubting whether it is valid to feel what they're feeling.

People aren't even free to express how they feel. There'll always be that person who thinks they have gone through worse even though they have no idea what is happening. I hate how lightly people take depression. It's phrases like "just be happy " that tick me off. Geez, why didn't I think of that? It's like asking someone with a broken foot to just shake it off and run again. I know, it makes absolutely no sense. It's high time people know what depression actually means. It's not just being sad, depression looks different in different people. There are various symptoms that follow depression.

Please educate yourself and don't be ignorant of a crucial issue such as this.

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