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Transgender : Why is it used as an insult? | LGBTQIA+

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

So let me get this straight, being a transgender is bad according to some specimen? Why though? I would love it if one of them cared to elaborate on said topic. I mean, why are people so offended by someone else's preferences? It's not harming them in any sort of way, it's not affecting their day-to-day life, it's not harming anyone in the society, so I don't see any problem here. Why be offended over something that doesn't concern you at the very least?

I have seen people using the word 'trans' as an insult. I have heard phrases like," Why do you look like you're trans?"," Why do you dress up like you're trans?", and" Ew, why is he behaving like he is trans?". Is it wrong if someone dresses or behaves how they want without absolutely troubling anyone? I honestly don't think so. I never understood the appeal of making someone feel so ridiculed that you get pleasure out of it. I truly think it's high time we let people be without making them feel ashamed for merely being themselves.

One quote I truly stand by is;" If you cannot do good to others, at least don't cause any harm."

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