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Feel Liberated : Unnecessary Body Hair Removal | Self Love

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Why should we let society decide who CAN and CANNOT have body hair?

Please answer this question of mine, who decides who CAN and CANNOT have body hair? Who gave society the power to decide on which gender body hair is okay? It’s just hair!

Visible body hair is rarely seen. It is so rare that visible underarm hair on a celebrity becomes ‘the most trendy gossip’. For the rest of us showing up with an unshaved leg or arm is almost a political statement in itself. Quite simply, body hair is not a feature of the ideal body. It's not just that the ideal body should be hairless, it's more like everybody has to be hairless every day. Body hair bothers people so much that it’s the only thing that stands out and is deemed abnormal and unnatural. It's not just that we are setting impossible beauty standards to attain, it's more of making people believe in false normalcy. Society expects that we make life hard so that they can have an alluring view. How sickening is that? It's almost like they are trying to state that people have nothing better to do other than making themselves ‘presentable’ for the sake of others. it's absolutely nauseating that we have put in that extra effort to create this false belief of normalcy.

The irony is that the hair on our head should be profuse and luscious, meanwhile, if it is on any other part of our body it needs to be banished. As the hairless body becomes the only acceptable body, a dramatic shift happens. Even though it is so demanding we are not questioning this absurd expectation. We have normalized this. Those who choose to break these norms and show their body hair are considered bold, brave, and confident when all they’re trying to do is just live their life with a little bit of comfort. These days girls who show their underarm hair are making headlines, that’s how low society has steeped. We are so worried about hideous things such as this that we are forgetting to let go and do our own thing. I’m pretty sure that this is not the purpose of our life. Let's just use the time we’re wasting to sheer out our hair in actually pampering ourselves and doing things that give US satisfaction.

Remember, the point is to please ourselves, not others.

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